Sunday, July 27, 2014


So you know that thing where toddlers spend half an hour wailing and screaming and thrashing in a boiling hot, jam-packed train carriage, while you sit shhhhhshing like your life depends on it (and when you see the looks that are being sharpened and thrown your way by fellow commuters you realise that it quite possibly does), slinking down your seat in mortification and sweating the stressful sweat of the parent who has made the novice mistake of forcing their teething tot onto public transport in July and is being forced to suffer for it all the way 'till Clapham Junction and then you finally (FINALLY!) stand up to get them off the train and they instantly turn their frown upside down, smile cutely at all of the passengers they have been aurally assaulting since Gipsy Hill, wave and sweetly say 'bye-bye'? Well that was our Saturday morning.

But the train journey was worth every excruciating second when we arrived at our destination: Jo's house in Surrey. We had the most amazing afternoon sunning ourselves and playing in the garden with the loveliest children known to man. We ate immense amounts of food and caught up while Samuel had the time of his life in the paddling pool. Cora introduced me to Frozen while Finn introduced James to loom bands and we felt like we had a small glimpse into our future: the years beyond toddlerhood. It looked good, I'm telling you. And in the meantime we'll just have to travel by car a little more I think.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Check out the awesome Spider-man sunglasses Granny Pat gave Samuel this weekend. He loves them and thinks he's so grown up. We called him a cool dude, so now he says 'coooo' a lot, much like a pigeon. Other things he's saying a lot of at the moment include 'Bye bye, Daddy' (particularly when neither he nor Daddy are going anywhere - it's giving James a complex) and also 'Barry'. Don't ask.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


It feels like there's another toddler living at our place at the moment: Ba-bear.* Whenever Samuel has a meal, Ba-Bear must join us. I fed him a carrot stick earlier on. At least he's a healthy influence. Whenever Samuel gets put in his sleeping bag, Ba-Bear must get put in one too. Ba-Bear is the last person that Samuel says goodnight to (after he's offered him the last slurp of milk from his bedtime bottle, natch). Ba-Bear is the first person he calls out for in the morning. Hell, Ba-Bear even has a matching sunhat to Samuel. Ba-Bear is a curse and Ba-Bear is a blessing. Ba-Bear is Samuel's first proper best friend. 

*James thinks Ba-Bear is spelled Ber-Bear. He's wrong of course, but Samuel is not yet in a position to clarify spelling.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


There was puke this weekend. Lots of it and very few photos as a result. We put it all down to a bug Samuel's picked up in childcare. The poor love yakked six or seven times on Friday night (but he didn't cry once - bless him) and he felt rough for the rest of the weekend so we kept him indoors. That meant we had to stay indoors too in the main, and my plans for a boozy lunch with L had to be put on ice. But that's parenthood for you and I wouldn't swap it for any amount of Champagne cocktails in Soho (did that sound genuine? Excellent). Anyway, Samuel was a little perkier on Sunday so I managed to sneak out for a Pilates class - a real treat - and when I got home he and I played 'boo!' through my rolled-up yoga mat. This boy is a sweetheart.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


So here we are, half way through the year, and I've somehow managed to keep up my photos of the week. Well done me. So, to celebrate, I'm going to cheat and do a huge photo dump in this post. After all, this past weekend was a Granny K weekend, and a Granny K weekend always means photo opportunities galore. 

It rained all day Saturday, so we threw on our rain macs and dinosaur puddle suits and took advantage of a near-empty playground. Samuel threw his head back while he was on the swing and laughed at the pitter patter raindrops hitting his face. He couldn't have had more fun. And yet he still managed to find a way to have more fun by nicking off with James' flat cap and walking around the roundabout like a Frank-Spencer-saurus.

By contrast, the weather on Sunday was glorious so we whizzed up to The Horniman (which is fast becoming our second home - there are worse places to have second homes) where we sat in the sunshine surveying the views and the low-flying aeroplanes. We popped into the aquarium and the natural history gallery too, where Samuel marvelled at the giant walrus and mum and James repeatedly swung him up in the air to his utter delight. Top weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You know you're a parent of a toddler when ...

• A small person who looks like you stomps across your picnic blanket, and stamps his sweaty, sandalled foot straight into your pot of houmous before continuing on his way. You grimace for a moment, then shrug your shoulders and dip another mini pitta in the aforementioned houmous.

• Your kid is in bed and you celebrate having got through another hot summer's day by pouring yourselves a couple of glasses of super-strong Pimms (no fruit - you ran out of token strawberries days ago) while discussing who is the most annoying character in The Great Snortle Hunt.

• You are tired, the state of your flat disgusts you, you owe a million people emails, you are meant to be doing an ASDA order and you really should be in bed, and yet you find yourself watching a video on Facebook of an American in a baseball cap showing you how to cut a whole plate of grapes in half in one go and you hear yourself shout out loud, 'game changer!'

Monday, June 23, 2014


It was the week that everything turned on a six-pence. James decided to leave his job and plans to spend the summer with his little dinosaur adventurer (and napping a lot too, I think). We have absolutely no idea what the future holds and yet we are strangely relaxed about the whole thing. Odd.

Maybe my work picking up helps with it all. I'm still working all hours and am shattered but I'm loving it. And I'm loving the freedom of being a freelancer. No ties, no politics, no commute, just me and my laptop. 

And Samuel? Well it's all change for him too. There I was last week, wringing my hands, feeling guilty and worrying about leaving my precious baby with a childminder. And then, of course, after the first day he didn't want to come home. He plays nice, drinks Fruit Shoots and gets to hang out with Millie the dog. And then there's Kevin, his new pal. A year older than Samuel and cool as you like, you can already tell that this is a hero worship relationship just waiting to happen. 

If anyone found the childcare transition hard, it was me. By lunchtime on the first day I was sat at my desk just aching for him. But then I enjoyed yet another mug of hot and uninterrupted coffee, and I soon got over that one. But the thing that I'm not sure I'll ever get used to is knowing that for two days' a week my son has a secret life - one that I'll never be a part of. 

But, as I'm discovering, when you're a working parent, it's all the more important to make the most of the time you have together. So that's exactly what we'll be doing this summer.